To many of us, LoDo is home. We live here, work here and play here. Home should be a place where we can do the things we love to do, the things that restore and energize us, the things that give our lives meaning. At its best, home is also a place we can count on to nurture and heal us so we have the health and energy we need to participate fully in our lives. As a caring member of our community, the LoDo Healing Center is committed to helping you live life at its most fulfilling and rewarding level.


The LoDo Healing Center is a collective of highly trained professionals. We are committed to providing services that meet our individual professions’ highest standards because these standards are aligned with ensuring you receive the best care and outcomes.

The offices of the LoDo Healing Center are shared by a group of dedicated healing practitioners, each of whom operates an independent practice. The LoDo Healing Center is not a partnership.